Saturday, July 17, 2010


I hope that in detoxifying and simplifying one are of my life, I will also be able to detoxify, simplify and better other areas of my life. For instance. . . . getting a handle on the types of food we buy, because of cost, this will likely lead to decreased amounts and therefore decreased consumption. More controlled consumption of food, means better portion control, which hopefully leads to weight managament. Getting a handle on one area of my life that is mental, physical and emotional, will help me figuratively detoxify other areas of my life. . . like clutter, organization, time management, etc. Still. . . it is just as unreasonable to assume that I can detoxify my environment overnight as it is to assume that I can "retrain" myself with good habits overnight. . . . this is all about my PROCESS. . .and it will be a lifelong, ongoing process of learning, eliminating, changing, substituting, and learning some more.

I often become so overwhelmed by the BIG PICTURE and need to learn to focus on one aspect at a time. Getting one area in order then adding in a second area, a third, etc. This is how my journey with "organics" has gone as well . . . first I stopped buying products with specific ingredients, then I focused more on whole foods, there has been a focus on making things from scratch and making things at home instead of eating out, moving towards buying particular foods organically and adding in others as I learned of the importance to do so, and now that I feel we have this particular aspect. . . the grocery aspect. . . in "order" I'm moving on to cosmetics and household products.

One day soon I hope to gain greater perspective on my consumerism, on my "pack ratting," on my spending, on my body, on my mind, on my time. I just want to be a better ME and share that gift with my family.

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